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Passenger Information


Refunds available (-20% admin charge) until 2 weeks prior to departure. No refunds available after June 27th, 2018.


More information about special conference rates for Hotels can be found on the International Startup Festival website here: startupfestival.com/international-festival/montreal-canada/

What are the return trip details?

The Startup Train is one way only. We ran it both ways our first year but we learned that most folks needed flexibility for their return dates. We have discount codes coming soon for VIA and Porter for booking return travel.

Startup Train Superheroes on Slack!

All Startup Train Superheroes are added to our exclusive Slack instance where you are can connect with other passengers, sponsors and mentors prior to departure! This is the best place to keep up-to-date on all Startup Train happenings. You’ll receive an invite shortly after purchasing your tickets. Contact us if you bought a ticket but haven’t received an invitation.

Travel Details

Please arrive at the Panorama Lounge, VIA Rail’s First Class Lounge, at Union Station in Toronto on July 10th by 10:00am! You will be registered for the train once you arrive. Coffee and drinks will be served and you will have a first opportunity to mingle with other Superheroes. Wifi is available. We will board the train together and head to Montreal faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive…well actually exactly that powerful!

Please note that the train ride is non-transferable. If you miss our train, there is NO other train to board at a later date/time. See you there at 10:00 am…sharp!

Porter Discounts

Coming soon…….

Travel Details

Please plan to arrive at the Panorama Lounge, VIA Rail’s first class lounge at Union Station on July 10th by 10am. Once you arrive there, we will get you registered for the train. There will be wifi, coffee and drinks in the lounge.

The train will leave without us so please ensure you are there by 10am, 10:30 at the latest.